Do You Want to Get Your Kids Attention?

From Day One, Paddling  Camp initiates kids in a world of fun, disciplined, experiential education that they can not help, but pay attention to. This curriculum requires your full attention like perhaps nothing else in the world , and our experienced whitewater instructors facilitate your kid’s adventure in a progressive way that builds confidence and character. 

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to discover for yourself!

Even the most on the go kids find the challenges of whitewater captivating because whitewater is a whole new world for them to explore.  It is no longer hard, concrete or familiar.  Whitewater is fluid, dynamic, and fun, and we use that them in conjunction with the Olympic ideals to teach your kids to be better stewards, people, and paddlers!  The Olympic Outdoor Centers youth development program has seen 100% of its kids mature into productive, goal-oriented young adults.  For some the gold medal at the  Jr. Olympics is the goal, for others just to complete high school  is a challenge, but for all it is fun!

The Summer Camps will consist of Two Sessions; morning and afternoon, and each session will have 2 courses.  Students may take as many weeks as they like to work on their skills. 

The cost is $150 for the morning/ week session 8am-noon including fundamentals of kayaking, and kayak adventures;

The cost is $150 for the afternoon session/ week from 1:00 until 5pm including rolling and surfing. 

Students will need to bring their own lunch if attending both sessions.

Austin Sessions will meet at Town Lake at under the Mopac bridge by Austin High School.

San Marcos Sessions will meet at the Power Olympic Outdoor Center.

** Pick Up service available for $100/ week.

Summer Camp Schedule 2010:

Date:                                                                            Location:                                                          

June  7-11                                                                    San Marcos

June 14-18                                                                  Austin

June 21-25                                                                   San Marcos

June 28-July 2                                                          Austin

July 5-9                                                                         SanMarcos

July 12-16                                                                    Austin

July 19-23                                                                    San Marcos

July 26-30                                                                   Austin

August 2-6                                                                  San Marcos

August 9-13                                                              Austin