This past week the action heated up in Golden, Colorado! 

Golden hosted the 2008 U.S. Junior Olympic Team Trials, which for Junior racers with big dreams will decided who would get to join the U.S. Junior Team for the European race circuit and a chance to compete in the 2008 Junior World Championships in Roudnice, Czech Republic!  The qualification was two days of racing back to back with the top finishers adding some serious racing excitement to their summer!  The task was not easy since, the water was high, and rising every day due to the wonderfully warm temperatures.

Several of our very own Red River Racing Team members were up to the challenge, posting very good runs, especially since this was their first race of this caliber:

Chelsea Borneman, who is the youngest member of the team at 11 years old, dazzled the fans in Golden just as she did at our Olympic Team Trials Qualifier in San Marcos back in February.  She placed 1st both days in the US Cadet Class (under 14).  Unfortunately, the Cadet’s do not compete in Europe, but do have a National Development Team that will be selected at this year’s Junior Olympics in Wausau, Wisconsin.  You had better believe that Chelsea will be ready!  She also did so well that she did place 4th out of all of the competitors the first day of racing.

Court Wiggins, competed in the Men’s Kayak Class, and had some exceptional runs.  Their were 29 juniors in his class and he placed 18th.  He placed ahead of some formidable competitors, and would have beat out some others except for a few penalty calls.  Court had runs that would have put him within striking distance of competitors that train year round, which is significant since he has only just begun racing slalom in the last 6 months! Court’s last run on day 2 was smoking fast, showing that he is a competitor with a lot of talent, and drive.  With Court being only 15 he has 3 more year’s in the Juniors to perfect his skills.  Before long, we are sure he will be at the top of the list. 

Erin Cambridge, a returning member of the Cadet National Team, came back to Golden to show it who’s boss.  Though not getting much time to practice on the water, this girl had some of her best runs to date, and tackled her nerves on the ever increasing water levels.  She showed her focus and her desire to compete on the National level.  Erin is a first year junior this year, and is looking forward to this year’s Junior Olympics in Wausau, Wisconsin. Erin placed 6th out of the 11 girls competing!  Way to go Erin!

The next stop for these awesome Texas Juniors is the Junior Olympics in Wausau, Wisconsin July 6-13.  Two more members of the team, Rebecca Moore in the C-1 women’s class, and Andre Sanborn in the KI men’s class will be joining them. These guys work so hard, and we are really psyched about what they are accomplishing!!