2009 Junior Olympic Camp



With our most dedicated and amazing team ever we will be representing the Red River Region at this summer's Jr. Olympics, and Jr. Nationals.


June 21 leave from FIBArk River Festival

July 4-5 Gulfest Slalom, boatercross, freestyle

July 8 MKC-MAdawaska Kanu Centre

Downriver race (am), Slalom race (pm)

July 10 WT-Ottawa Kayak School - Ottawa River Freestyle

July 11-12 Pumphouse, Ottawa Slalom

The fun begins with a road trip to Cascade Falls in beautiful upstate New York where we will train for and race in the Jr. Nationals June 27.  The fun continues just across the border on the Gull River in Ontario where we will join boaters from all over the world camping by the river, and enjoying all of the festivities of the Gull River Fest.

We will move 1.5 hrs north to the famous Madawaska Canoe Center for a downriver and slalom race during the week, and a rodeo on Friday in Ottawa leading to the finally of the Jr. Olympics on the Ottawa River!

If you are interested in participating in this program please call Michelle Kvanli at 512.203.0093.

Show your support with your own Olympic Rings!

Wear the Red, White, and Blue to show your support for our future Olympians, and help to send them to the Jr. Olympics this summer in Ottawa, Canada.

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